White Summer Dress
by Tom Sawyer - A True Love Story

White Summer

by Tom Sawyer


  Tandor Press 
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From a wilderness cabin in Oregon to remote villages of the West Indies White Summer Dress is an enchanting love story. It's adventurous, revealing, and full of light.
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Reading level: 18 and older 
Edition: TPB 2nd Edition

ISBN: 09770875-8-1
Paperback: 512 pages  5.5" x 8.5"

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Book Description:


Tandor Press has released a biography by Tom Sawyer titled “White Summer Dress,” 
a spiritually exhilarating, deeply romantic story of true love.

A real love story that reads like a novel. It follows the true life of an exceptional Sonoma County woman's mysterious journey to find love near the edges of life. Through a set of extraordinary circumstances she meets her husband to-be at a Huichol Indian ceremony and moves to the West Indies where they hobnob with the rich and famous until life carries them downstream into the unknown. This deeply romantic tale takes the reader to remote Caribbean hideaways and far-off forgotten places where adventure, opulence, isolation, and tragedy reshapes beliefs about love.


Chris Blackwell, Founder of Island Records, writes, "White Summer Dress is moving and truly rewarding. I identify very much with the book. I'm putting copies at each of my properties for their library." Biography, Island Outpost

Rosemary Ward, PhD, says, “Incredible, enchanted, a page turner.”

Katja Sadowski, says,
"It's like Indiana Jones discovering the Celestine prophecies
in the greatest love story ever told.”

Naima Shea, writes,
“No one should miss this story. Trust me, you won't be able to put it down. You will look at life in a new way after reading it.”

Patti Buttita, “I was struck by an otherwise unseen world of love.”

David W Kent, MD,
 "All of us have interesting life stories. This is a multi-dimensional telling of a very interesting life story... a true love story."

Patricia Robles-Mitten, “An example of how incredible life and love can be.”

Cheryl Haley, MA,
  “Be prepared to come away emotionally challenged and deeply moved, and all the richer for it!”



"I enjoyed "White Summer Dress" very much. Reading a book these days is a time luxury for me, and I indulged myself in the pleasure of reading it. I have lived in the hills of Cazadero up old Caz Road and explored Sonoma county in great detail, so I identified with so many of the places you shared. I so much appreciate you writing this book and sharing yourself and Mari so openly. I think that people need to know that Love can be this way. I too, have a partner and a relationship that is so special and I struggle sometimes with “how could I deal with it, should he need to go away”. Your story was inspirational to me in many ways. Best of everything to you; I hope your life is being very wonderful" - Karen Howard, Secret Sanctuary

"I finished White Summer Dress and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a life you've had, and will continue to have. Your description of Mari's battle with cancer was truly gripping. My wife, Maureen, and I have the same sort of relationship you two had, and I cannot imagine what you went through. I also loved your descriptions of your adventures in the Caribbean. Really, the whole book was an enjoyable read." - David Everett, Software Engineer

"I'm really enjoying this book and think the way you write is excellent. I can see everything as though I'm right there with you and Mari's family. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of reading this wonderful book."
- Jose Esparza

"White Summer Dress is one of those rare and magical books that becomes the "Adventure of a lifetime"! Tom sawyer utterly captures what it is to live life to its' fullest; with gusto, wild abandon , and a deep exploration of inner and universal truths. If you like "to experience" on the written page, White Summer Dress is the book that will take you there!" - Chris Noyd

"I so enjoyed your book reading at Copperfield’s; it was like nourishment for the soul!  I admire your courage, your humbleness, your heart, and most of all, your spirit.   You say that that night was a wonder and somewhat like being in a trans…. I have a feeling you’ve had a many nights like that J  Awesome story… it doesn’t end, it only continues." - Joan Hill

"During your reading the room was feeling quite wonderful. I was glad to be there. I had just read your book a few days before. The combination of just reading and hearing you speak the words out loud was kind of stereophonic! Your book was so clean in the parts that described your relationship- that is so rare. So, thank you big time. Congratulations." - Terry Ryder

I am nursing the last few pages of White Summer Dress....It's been quite a deep and moving journey." - Bertha Jean Schmidt

"I just read the first chapter from the website. I'm totally hooked." - Daniel Brennan

"Your book has me begging to bare my soul." - Susan Hill Bostwick

"This is one of the most exciting books that I have ever read. I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this book to everyone." - Edward Hampton, Los Angeles, CA

"I have just read the remaining 110 pages of White Summer Dress and found the book to be a powerful mind-altering odyssey of the soul. The book left me sobbing audibly, while smiling deeply within. Bless you for this precious gift." - Linda Belisle

"I can't decide whether to compare White Summer Dress to Ernest Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" or to Ken Kesey's "Sometimes A Great Notion". It has the simplicity and candor of the first and the
cliff-hanging tension of the second. Tom Sawyer's writing soars. Almost from the first page, the reader is carried aloft by the story, by the genuineness of the characters, and by Tom himself. This book is an
autobiographical account of the author's bottomless devotion to one woman and the amazing life they lead together. On the way to and winding throughout the story are cliff-hanging accounts of events that reveal a
self-portrait of the author: adventurous, courageous, determined, kind, rebellious, charming, intuitive, brilliant, multitalented, and deeply devoted.

Like Sawyer himself, this book breaks lots of rules. In places it will also break your heart. The story is long, amazing, and worth every moment."
- Rachel Jacobs

"I was lent a copy of your book "White Summer Dress". When I first looked at the title I wasn't sure what to make of it. But taking my friend at her word that I would enjoy it, I read it. Once I started I couldn't lay it down. Your story is wonderful, tragic, and yet full of hope. I am unable to get it out of my mind.

I lived in the Bay area for many years in the 60's and 70's and knew of the places you write about. Because of this I was able to walk some of the trails and see the same sites in my minds eye that you experienced. I have traveled the world extensively and lived in other countries experiencing their cultures. Cancer has been a part of my life's relationships and I know the tragedy that accompanies it.

I enjoyed the way you ended the story. The hopefulness that left me with was heart warming. Thank you for sharing your life, its pain and joys. I pray that you find all that you seek and understand the difficulty that accompanies your journey."
- Frank Russell

"It's quite a story, Tom, and you are a generous storyteller. You say kind things about everyone because you are a kind man. Frankly, I can't figure out if you're Forrest Gump or Jesus. Not many people get to walk with so much love in their hearts as you do -- and then climb on a Harley. Maybe I am naive.

But the real pearl in this shell is of course, Mari, and you do her a great service. Since I was not fortunate enough to know her, I feel I know her now -- at least through your eyes and her spirit, which is everywhere. When I finished the book, I felt so much energy around me and it has remained. My sense is that she is still here to help and she is wildly proud of you for being the husband that you remain to be. The two of you are clearly still working together for the greater good.

There's so much to be learned from a story such as this, and I am certain that the people who need it most will get it first and help pass it along. That your faith has never wavered is astounding, but to you it's just the right way to live. Do you know that most of the people on this planet wake up everyday with the hope that they will be loved this completely by someone, but at the end of the day they have let go of a piece of that hope? It's too rare, and when it is visible, it's usually a fictional story released by one of the big studio tanks."
- Susan Hunt, Playwright

"Talk about a connection... I just finished your book this weekend.. What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Mari this is... Thank you for sharing this incredible love story.  I can't wait to read about the next part of your journey" - Nancy Tonilli

"Tom Sawyer's story telling is reminiscent of sitting around a cast-iron stove amidst sawdust, buddies and old love letters, still glimmering with passionate ink. One wonder's if this is a story of an ordinary man experiencing the extraordinary or is this an extraordinary man finding the extraordinary in the ordinary."
Deirdre Robson

"It's taken me several months to read "White Summer Dress," I read it during my lunch breaks. I see that you are very lucky to have had such a great love with a wonderful woman. I'm sorry I never met her. Keep searching. You'll never find another love like that, but that doesn't mean you won't find another great love." -Chris Coursey, Columnist, The Press Democrat

"Once you start reading this book, you can't put it down. This book will take you places inside of yourself that you may not otherwise touch. It is an adventure that opens the heart and awakens the spirit. The awareness of the infinite journey is revealed in this book. I highly recommend it!" -Theresa Taft

"I read "White Summer Dress" in one week, huddled under the covers with the flu, delirious with Tom's life and adventures with Mari, astounded at his vulnerability, honesty, energy for life, and truly amazed by the beauty of their love and his commitment to his own personal Goddess. At the end of the book I was sad that it ended, and excited about what the future has in store for this brave and open-hearted man." -Mickey Fernandez

“I couldn't put it down, the best book I've ever read.” –Debra Ward

I read through the night, through my pain, and stayed mesmerized by the story.  I didn't want to stop even when my eyes were hurting and my head was splitting and my fever would make my body scream.  Once I started, I stopped only when I would fall asleep reading and each time I woke up, I would start again.  I cried and sighed a lot... happy cries and sad cries and it was a great catharsis for all that I've been holding inside.Cathryn Ellane

"First off, the disclaimer that I knew the woman in the white summer dress. And it is wonderful to spend time with her and her true love in these pages. However, no one should miss this story. IT is so unusual, so brave, so raw and revealing, and so full of aliveness and courage. Plus, one heck of a good adventure story...and it's all TRUE. Trust me, you won't be able to put it down. And you will look at life in a new way after reading it. Mari, the woman of the title, is someone her husband is sharing with the world, and she enriches each of us with her presence...almost an archetype of a Woman with Heart. You will learn. You will grow. You will love her and be grateful to Tom for sharing their story. They are two people who color outside the lines and love beyond measure. It is the magical story of how a man and a woman meet, fall in love, take joyous gypsy road trips, and alas, do not live forever. There is tragedy and loss, for this is real life...but the spiritual redemption they garner from their approach will move and inspire you. Read it!" Naima Shea, Taos, NM

"It's engrossing and scary. I keep reminding myself, "This is real life."  I finished White Summer Dress last night. What a book. It's a page-turner; I couldn't put it down; I had to see what was going to happen next." -Roger House

"It was wonderful and insightful. Congratulations." -Gabrielle Lakatos

"An amazing tribute to Mari, I devoured the first chapter and will fill my soul with the rest." -Moses Kravitz

"Thank you for sharing your story and journey in White Summer Dress. It was interesting and an emotional read. I appreciated the ending - journey on." -Cherry King

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